Prairie Aquatics and Exotics

We cater to the seasoned hobbyist, newcomers and everyone in between. We also specialize in invertebrates such as tarantulas and scorpions. We have new live stock weekly and are always eager to special order.

We carry:

  • feeder fish
  • crickets
  • assortment of worms including night crawlers
  • frozen mice to keep your little friends happy.

About Prairie Aquatics and Exotics

Prairie Aquatics & Exotics is an independent pet store in Regina, Saskatchewan. PAE was first conceived in concept by partner Stuart Cook while managing the fish department of a national big box store. A life-long fish and reptile enthusiast he knew what the local market was missing and what consumers were looking for. On November 10th, 2012 PAE officially opened its doors as Regina’s Premier specialty pet shop.

Our mission at PAE is to provide the highest quality aquatic, reptilian and invertebrate pets at a reasonable price to consumers while nurturing the local hobbyist community and supporting our local breeders.

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