PetTech Solutions

PetTech Solutions offers the best in dog breeding equipment and ultrasound for professional breeders and their veterinarians.

We find, vet, prescribe and support practical reproductive technology to pinpoint ovulation, detect pregnancy and more.

Our PetTech Solutions division offers the best in breeding devices and ultrasound for dog breeders and their vets.

Doing business with us is easy and enjoyable and we believe business should be fun and always include more than a few laughs along the way. Our professionalism and commitment to quality is paired with a relaxed, honest and approachable spirit.

We are friendly, knowledgeable, down to earth people who love what we do and encourage a collaborative, open minded and welcoming spirit.

With offices in Montreal and Vancouver and Partners across the country, we serve all of Canada and the United States. We live to find great tools and offer the support to go with them to help breeders, farmers and vets realize their goals.

A Division of FarmTech

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