New Hope Dog Rescue is a registered non-profit and foster-based organization that has been rescuing and rehoming dogs in need since 2003.  We work to address the overpopulation problem and to promote responsible dog ownership.

All of the dogs who join our program are partnered with loving and dedicated foster parents who open their homes to these animals in need.  Foster families also help provide the care the dogs require until they can be matched with adoptive, permanent homes.

Every dog receives proper medical care while with New Hope. This will range from the basics (vaccinations, deworming, microchip, spay/neuter), while others will require more extensive care (anything from dental work, to corrective surgery, to treatment of skin conditions).

We rely on donations and support from the community to allow us to cover these medical expenses and to carry out and continue our mission. We are always in need of adopters, foster homes, donors and volunteers.

Since the organization was founded, New Hope has found loving homes for over 1500 dogs! That is 1500 dogs given a better chance at life, 1500 dogs that had no hope before that were given a new hope and a new chance.   In the first year (2003) 29 dogs were adopted into loving homes, last year (2012) 381 dogs found loving homes.  This would not be possible without the amazing support of our community and loving families that open their hearts and homes to a dog in need.  Whether it is fostering, volunteering, adopting, donating- it makes a world of difference for these dogs and thank you to everyone that has helped make our first 10 years as successful as it has been.

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