Fido and Felix Foods

The Pet Nutrition and Raw Food Expert

Fido and Felix Foods is Regina and area’s pet nutrition and raw food expert. We offer quality, all natural, holistic pet food for your cats and dogs.
At Fido and Felix Foods we have a strong desire to educate people about what we believe to be true… that feeding a raw diet to your pets is the most informed, healthy choice you can make for them.

Society knows and understands the role that proper nutrition plays in their own daily lives and the impact it can have on their health and longevity. Why would it be any different for our pets?
At Fido & Felix Foods we carry everything you need to feed your pet a high quality, health promoting diet…….from the best foods and supplements to fabulous raw bones, all natural chews and a variety of treats including cookies, jerky and dehydrated salmon.

We carry four brands of raw pet food – Mountain Dog Food, Carnivora, Club Canine and Vintage Raw Pet Food. Most food is available in a variety of package sizes. All food comes frozen and must be stored in the freezer until you thaw it for feeding time.

Stay tuned and watch the blog to find out what products we are adding to the line up.

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