Dog Obedience Classes Saskatoon

DogWould Saskatoon

All-Breed Group Dog Obedience Classes

Dogs and owners of all ages are welcome.

You may register your dog(s) in any level of group classes as many times as you wish. Sometimes your instructor may recommend that you enroll your dog in the same level again before moving on to a higher-level training class.

If you’re interested in a specific group class, but you’re not sure if your dog is ready, email and ask! For returning students, a recommendation can be given based on your dog’s previous group class experience, and for new students, please send along a detailed description of your dog’s training level.

Please review the Policies page for important information about DogWould group class policies.
Check out the FAQs page as well!

You can begin the registration process by email, phone, or in person. Please consult the Policies page for registration information.

Requirements to reserve your space in a class include a completed registration form, an evaluation, and payment in full of class fees.

You are welcome to attend a group class prior to enrolling your dog with DogWould. Simply contact me for class locations and times if group classes are running, and let me know when you will be coming to watch.

I have a waiting list for all classes. Please contact me if you are interested in being added to it. A minimum of four confirmed students is necessary to run a group class, so get your friends and their dogs involved, too! Dogs from the same family can be registered in the same class, provided they each have a handler. For all classes except the Starter Class, you can enroll two dogs under one handler provided you bring a crate to put your alternate dog in while you are working with the other. Classes listed on this page are available by request, and additional classes can be available – make your interests known to make sure that the classes you want from DogWould are offered!

Gift Certificates are available for all group classes! Please contact me for further information.

Please keep in mind that when you register for a DogWould group class, you should consider than just the one meeting a week you attend with the rest of the group. Success in training your dog takes commitment and time set aside to practice with your dog each and every day!

Please also note that dogs exhibiting severe aggression toward humans or other dogs, or dogs who exhibit other dangerous behaviours, are not allowed in the group classes, however, I do offer Private Lessons and other training for dogs. If you have a dog that is not yet at a level to benefit from group lessons, you can schedule some private lessons with the goal of registering in a group class. See the Training page and the Private Lessons page for more information.

Dogs who are deemed mildly aggressive or reactive toward humans or other dogs will be required to wear a basket muzzle during classes for safety. Please ask about recommended muzzles and positive muzzle training practices.

Dogs who are severely aggressive or reactive toward humans or other dogs are not ready for group classes.

Clickers are welcome in any DogWould Class. If you would like to learn how to use a Clicker training device, please schedule a private lesson.

For the terms regarding DogWould Group Classes, see the Terms and Guarantee page.

A big thank you goes out to Doggie Delights Treats, Dog Masters Grooming, and Biscay Labradors for generously donating prizes to some of the DogWould Starter Class graduations!
If you or your company would like to donate some prizes for DogWould group class graduations, please contact me.

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