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Canada's Pet Services Directory

Canada’s Pet Services Directory.

everythingpets2Your single source directory for everything pets. From finding the closest pet stores or breeder services to finding a dog park, mobile vet or dog walker.

Our objective is to build and maintain this pet directory for our users and to allow our advertisers a place to stay in front of our users.

Users of EverythingPets Pet Directory can:

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Pet Stores, Pet Services, Organizations and Non-Profit related pet businesses can have a page of their very own to:

  • Promote their products
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  • Inform users of their hours and location
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  • Aquariums

    From fish and fish food to other aquarium pets to the little diver guarding the treasure chest.
  • Breed Clubs

    Breed clubs are associations or clubs with activities centered on a single, specific breed of a particular species of domesticated animal.
  • Cat Breeders

    Quality Cat Breeders.
  • Dog Breeders

    Quality Dog Breeders.
  • Dog Obedience

    Places to take your puppy to have him learn those valuable skills.
  • Dog Sports

    We all need exercise and dogs are no different. Enroll your dog in a program for your health and theirs.
  • Dog Walking

    Busy? Dog walkers are there for you to make sure your best friend gets a daily walk.
  • Exotic Pet Breeders

    Find a qualified breeder of spiders, snakes and more.
  • Health/Gourmet Pet Food

    Treat your animal with quality food and treats.
  • Humane Society/SPCA

    They are there to help our friends. Consider donating time, money or items to your local SPCA.
  • Indoor Off Leash

    Indoor facilities for our four-legged friends to socialize and get some exercise.
  • Mobile Pet Grooming

    They come to you. A shampoo, a trim and your pet is looking good.
  • Off Leash Dog parks

    Off leash dog park
  • Pet Adoption

    Consider adopting an animal from an SPCA or please user a quality breeder.
  • Pet B & B

    Pet Friendly B&B\'s. Plan your travel itinerary and take your pet with you.
  • Pet Cemeteries

    You gave them a good home all of their life, treat them right in the after-life.
  • Pet Cleaning Services

    Not everyone has the time to clean up the yard or areas of the house. Thankfully there is people who do.
  • Pet Day Care

    Need some help looking after your pet for a day or two? These businesses can help.
  • Pet Food Delivery

    We can have food delivered to the house, why not your pet?
  • Pet Grooming

    Take your pet to a qualified groomer and spoil them with a trim, shampoo and more.
  • Pet Grooming School

    Business of teaching pet grooming techniques and skills.
  • Pet Hotel

    Pet friendly hotels that allow you to take your best friend with you on the road. Useful when planning your trip.
  • Pet Kennel

    Kennel businesses that will look after your pet for an extended period of time.
  • Pet Photographer

    Our pets are a part of our family. Have a beautiful image of you and your pet taken by a professional.
  • Pet Rescue Service

    Its nice to know there are people out there looking to help our lost and scared pets.
  • Pet Sitting

    A business that will come to your home and stay or check in on your pet while you are away.
  • Pet Stores

    Your pet needs a lot of things ... from food and clothing (sometimes) to toys, collars, food and food dishes.
  • Pet Supplies

    Businesses that sell other items but do have some pet products for sale.
  • Pet Travel Agent

    It sounds funny, but these businesses will help make all the arrangements to make sure your pet is on the same trip you are while you luggage may not be.
  • Veterinarian - Mobile

    A vet service that will come to your home to look after your pet.
  • Veterinarians

    We hope you do not need their services, but if you do, it is nice to know where a vet is located.